Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a few last words

It is now 2 a.m. but I am determined to finish this off.

The exercises seemed to take more time than I anticipated, but that might be just me.

Moving between the 23 things blog, the wiki, my own blog--that was tedious. And when I had to go back to refer to parts of a given week, I found myself being brought back to the first week of the month and having to scroll through again to find my place. That might also be just me, but I did find that very frustrating.

Did someone explain about the request to "identify yourself" when posting a comment by Anonymous or name/url or other? As I mentioned, it suddenly happened for me, but I don't know why, and I was confused when I first ran into that.

By the way, as I've been working with this blog this evening I noticed (or were they there previously?) that I have 2 followers. When I click on their icons, I read Radio Web Log and Radio Blog (I think). At first that appeared dismaying. Now I wonder--are these CLP staff members?

In the break week, the text suggested we had learned about avatars. I am embarrassed to say that I do not remember reading about goodness, did I miss that? Was Second Life or whatever part of these things?

And--just curious--did anyone besides me realize that Thing 10 and Thing 13 were missing?



Week 11 Podcasting

As I said, I subscribed to Hear and Now Tech Talk podcast from the P-G.
they seemed to run to 21 minutes. I ponder--who has time to listen to all of these things?

And I am now identified as "Esther" in the comments instead of Anonymous. I was told how to make this happen among the choices (besides Anonymous) but by now I had forgotten. So I was pleased to see my name appear on top.

Week 10 Firefox

I looked at the Firefox tab video and brought up the Firefox home page, but now I am at my home computer and I do not want to download Firefox.

thing 17: However, I was surprised to find that I could add tabs without downloading, so I actually add a tab or two and that was very convenient, especially since my home computer puts all of the IE tabs in one clump at the bottom of the screen, making these exercises even more challenging.

Thing 18: I assume that you must have Firefox downloaded to add an add-on. Forgive me if I am mistaken. (I am not back at work until Tuesday.) I did look at the add-on possibilities and tried one (Ad blocker) getting the message about special software needed to proceed, etc. I declined.

I also viewed some of the search engine option. I hope this counts for something.

Thing 19: Text size. Well...see first paragraph. I did check the Firefox home page to see if that were possible like the tab option, but I couldn't identify a possibility.


23 Things, Week 5

Thing #7: Printed out Downloadable audio and video guide without any problem. Thank goodness.

Thing #8: Went on to attempt a download. Did not find download option was very user friendly. "Books, downloads, & more..." indeed...but could the "Download" option been more descriptive? Have the digital capabilities progressed to the point where "download" should have its own click and not be mixed in with books?

On the next page, you have to look through three columns, then interpret eCLP...oh, well, the hour is late but I thought I'd share. (you asked for it!)

I did successfully set up for the downloading from My Library DV.

When I chose the desired video, I received a "there are 10 checkouts [left] Are you sure..." message. It wasn't clear to me what that meant, but I just said Yes. Why would that question be needed/

When I had chosen and downloaded Rick Steves and the French/Italian Alps and marveled at the experience (of both the download and the Alps) I turned to my handy guide to see about loan period, deletion, etc. of My Library downloads. I did not see that listed on my sheet. Is it the same as Overdrive? If you get a chance, I'd like to know.

I do see where the delete button is on the download, so I'll just delete it, but I wasn't sure if this is a new provider since the list was developed or what.

And so, in my out-of-order way, I move on to Thing #17.


(Since this is my blog, I guess that I don't have to sign my name?)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another question for Leigh Anne

Hi, it's almost midnight on August 4th and I am trying like crazy to finish these assignments.
So I'm hoping the 23 things can be extended for a few more days.

I am on Thing 12 at the moment, although I may have skipped something in which case I'll have to fill in.
I do see where the networking could be useful for libraries' keeping in touch with their customers, because if this is getting to be the preferred method of communication, then this is where we should be. I look at the Carnegie's efforts in this regard, and I am very impressed.

And to move from library usage to beyond, from my brief reading of
The Twitter Book
(very well presented) I learned how effective Twitter can be in providing an immediacy if you want to maintain close family ties. Now THAT is something I can identify with, and I frankly had never thought about that aspect before.

Anyway, you may or may note read this, but this is a wonderful opportunity!
Thanks to you all,
Esther Nathanson
Downtown and Business

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Failure at uploading vido

Tried to upload video; failed. The rectangle for the video id would not accept any typing.
Amazing how much time this can take to explore.

The Cape May County Library video used as an example caught my attention, because every year I go to the Cape May City branch of this library to select my vacation reading material!


Question for Leigh Anne

I posted this question as a comment following receipt of your comment.
I guess I should have posted it as a Post.

Will 23 Things be up for a few more weeks so that slowpokes can finish late/