Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Failure at uploading vido

Tried to upload video; failed. The rectangle for the video id would not accept any typing.
Amazing how much time this can take to explore.

The Cape May County Library video used as an example caught my attention, because every year I go to the Cape May City branch of this library to select my vacation reading material!


Question for Leigh Anne

I posted this question as a comment following receipt of your comment.
I guess I should have posted it as a Post.

Will 23 Things be up for a few more weeks so that slowpokes can finish late/


Exercise in uploading image

This was uploaded from a file on my computer, not from Flickr's ACLA pix as I had tried at first.
Well, some success has been achieved.

Attempt at uploading image

I tried to upload image, but I have no idea whether this worked or not.

I received a message "Image successfully uploaded" I wonder where it is.