Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here I am, creating a blog, thanks to the creativity of the Carnegie Library staff in initiating the 23 Things project--for which I am exceedingly grateful.
How neat to have Kelly address us through a power point presentation!
I know I am behind schedule, but I am pressing on.
Thank you!


  1. Kelley's awesome, isn't she? Ryan and I are lucky to have her and Beth working on this's to more ACLA/CLP teamups in future!

    Glad things are going well, and looking forward to more of your writing.

  2. Dear Leigh Anne,
    I am finally pressing on, and I discovered that you responded to my comment. Neat!
    Now I am looking at Flickr (I am pressing on very slowly.) I hope to complete this tonight.
    In any case, I do have a question: will the 23 things web site be available for a while so that those of us who are still not finished will have a chance to do so?