Thursday, August 6, 2009

23 Things, Week 5

Thing #7: Printed out Downloadable audio and video guide without any problem. Thank goodness.

Thing #8: Went on to attempt a download. Did not find download option was very user friendly. "Books, downloads, & more..." indeed...but could the "Download" option been more descriptive? Have the digital capabilities progressed to the point where "download" should have its own click and not be mixed in with books?

On the next page, you have to look through three columns, then interpret eCLP...oh, well, the hour is late but I thought I'd share. (you asked for it!)

I did successfully set up for the downloading from My Library DV.

When I chose the desired video, I received a "there are 10 checkouts [left] Are you sure..." message. It wasn't clear to me what that meant, but I just said Yes. Why would that question be needed/

When I had chosen and downloaded Rick Steves and the French/Italian Alps and marveled at the experience (of both the download and the Alps) I turned to my handy guide to see about loan period, deletion, etc. of My Library downloads. I did not see that listed on my sheet. Is it the same as Overdrive? If you get a chance, I'd like to know.

I do see where the delete button is on the download, so I'll just delete it, but I wasn't sure if this is a new provider since the list was developed or what.

And so, in my out-of-order way, I move on to Thing #17.


(Since this is my blog, I guess that I don't have to sign my name?)

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  1. 10 checkouts left lets you know your userlimit - you can have 10 of those checked out at one time.

    As for the rest, feedback is good! This is the stuff we need to know - I mean, if staff have a hard time with it, imagine patrons...