Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another question for Leigh Anne

Hi, it's almost midnight on August 4th and I am trying like crazy to finish these assignments.
So I'm hoping the 23 things can be extended for a few more days.

I am on Thing 12 at the moment, although I may have skipped something in which case I'll have to fill in.
I do see where the networking could be useful for libraries' keeping in touch with their customers, because if this is getting to be the preferred method of communication, then this is where we should be. I look at the Carnegie's efforts in this regard, and I am very impressed.

And to move from library usage to beyond, from my brief reading of
The Twitter Book
(very well presented) I learned how effective Twitter can be in providing an immediacy if you want to maintain close family ties. Now THAT is something I can identify with, and I frankly had never thought about that aspect before.

Anyway, you may or may note read this, but this is a wonderful opportunity!
Thanks to you all,
Esther Nathanson
Downtown and Business

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